Videos and Sounds from Residents Fans!

All the video and sound files have been certified by their authors to be original works by the creator!

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The Paper Shoes Opus to The Residents (2.6 MB) Jan. 29, 2006 - David Fields -

The Song "Crazy Bob's Church of Christ (with Dr. Santiago)" by WTA Cowboys - Submitted by Paul Waschke (7.4 MB) July 27, 2004

Four mini movies by Patrick Harvey of (10.7 MB)

By David Fields - a video "re-do" of Residents In My Butt (2 MB)

Bill M's Ode To The Residents (MP3) 2MB

Crystal Beeker Baker by Paper Shoes!  Posted 4/6/04

Herman The Human Mole (cover) from a band that calls itself The Singing Lawnchairs (not related to The Residents).  Sent to us by Frog and Mr. Spagandy.  Big Brother gave the OK to post.

By David Fields - A musical re-do of I have The Residents In My Butt.... (MP3) June 9, 2004

By Mark and the Tinkershuffle group (MP3) June 17, 2004

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