Residents DVD Secrets!

This page is dedicated to the discovered secrets of the Residents' DVDs!  Each group of secrets has been contributed to us by fans like yourself!  Enjoy!  And, our thanks to those who have contributed.  As more secrets become available, we'll post them here!

- Patrick

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Cube E Dvd secrets by Bill "M"  Added July 2, 2006

The Way We Were DVD Secrets by "Bill M"   Added  Oct 27, 2005!

Commercial Album DVD Secrets by "Bill M"

Eskimo DVD Secrets by "Bill M"

Difigured Night DVD Secrets by "Bill M"

Icky Flix DVD Secrets by "Bill M"

Demons Dance Alone Directors Cut DVD Secrets by "Bill M"

Kettles of Fish DVD Secrets by "Bill M"

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