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Date: 10/24/2003 2:00:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
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Yea, that is fine. Okayed by hardy fox at cryptic.
Say hello to Molly.

On Friday, October 24, 2003, at 10:12 AM, wrote:

> Hi! This is Patrick from I was wondering if I 
> could get permission from The Residents/Cryptic Corporation to post 
> MP3 clips (15 seconds max each) from Residents albums on my site. I 
> would create the MP3s. Each song would only be allowed one 15 second 
> MP3 clip. This is similar to what Amazon does with the first 5 songs 
> on each Rez album they advertise. In my case, I would like to see if 
> it is OK to post 1 15-second MP3 for each song I decide to select.
> Would you please email me back a YES or NO along with the actual 
> name/organization that OK'd it/denied it just so I have it on record?
> Thanks!
> Patrick
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