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From Ralph America 07/2006

Ralph friend - 
if you are in the bay area this weekend, June 18th (sunday) from 10-3,
please stop over in Emeryville for a garage sale at the astropitch
warehouse. Joining us again will be Alternative Tentacles, and we'll all
be selling lots of cheap CDs, cheap vinyl, imperfect band merchandise, and
many more items that can't be easily categorized. Good deals to be had,
this is for sure. If you'd just like to pick up some of the latest Ralph
stuff (or maybe some rarer stuff), just speak to us at the sale, and we'll
be happy to run inside and pick it out for you (save some shipping).

Anyhow, we hope to see you here...1501 Powell St Suite H, Emeryville -
right thru the gates on Horton St you'll see us. Park under the Powell st
bridge and walk around the building to find the gates. There's a sign on
top of our building about duplicating CDs/DVDs etc, so it's easy to find
(11 blk from the Amtrak station).

Hope to see you there -


News from July 2006

What you ACTUALLY get when you have the 2/CD of blanks 

The following is what you can download when you are a subscriber using the codes inside the "blank" CD's that are being sold.

Of particular note is that there is a bonus track, BLUE TONGUES RMX, in addition to script, wallpapers, and more. Expect even more freebies in future Episode releases. 

Episode 2: Gator Hater!
Episode 2: Gator Hater! (14:55, mp3, 20.5mb)
Bonus Content: AIM Icon 2 (jpg, 4k)
Bonus content: Wallpaper 2 (800x600, jpg, 152k)
Bonus content: Wallpaper 2 (1024x768, jpg, 228k)
Bonus content: Wallpaper 2 (1280x1024, jpg, 348k)
Bonus content: Gator Hater! Script (37k)
Bonus content: Alternate Cover (jpg, 54k)
SPECIAL BONUS TRACK: Blue Tongues RMX (previously unreleased remix)

CNN discovers the wacky Residents 

Band's latest release: Blank discs
Residents' idea: They create, you burn
Monday, June 26, 2006; Posted: 9:50 a.m. EDT (13:50 GMT)

NEW YORK (Billboard) -- Cult band the Residents and the Cordless e-label have teamed up to create something that is either a unique multimedia experience that will link the physical, digital and mobile worlds -- or is just plain wacky.

On June 13, Cordless issued the Residents' "River of Crime" -- a 1940s-style radio serial with a band-composed musical score -- in a cardboard double-CD package with artwork that reinforces the band's trademark eyeball, all for $14.99.

The catch? It contains two blank CDs so that the five episodes, which will be released sequentially during a 10-week period, can be burned after the last one becomes available. A unique code for each package allows users to unlock the subscription at
The package is exclusively available at Virgin Megastore locations in the brick-and-mortar world and at in cyberspace. A prerecorded version of the project is planned for wider release next year.

The episodes also can be downloaded individually as they are released at all digital music stores. Each episode is priced at $1.99.

Cordless and the Residents created a unique vehicle to issue "River of Crime" because they wanted to make it available on an episodic, subscription basis.

"It is a bit wacky, but so are the Residents," Cordless president Jason Fiber says. "The Residents are always pushing the limits, whether it's music, art or technology."

Customers purchasing the limited-edition digital subscription will also receive digital extras like ringtones and mobile wallpaper as well as materials that can be burned onto the blank CD-Rs, including alternate versions of the "River of Crime" artwork, scripts and instrumental soundtrack elements.
And Fiber asks, "How can a digital-only release be (positioned) as a collectible? Residents fans are collectors, and this gives them something tangible to add to their collection."
Through the effort Cordless, Warner Music Group's e-label, can help brick-and-mortar stores sell digital product in physical form.

"It is an experiment, but we think it is something that is relatively easy to understand," Fiber says. The package comes with a red sticker on the cover warning that it contains blank media and telling buyers not to burn "River of Crime" until all episodes are retrieved. Inside the package is an instruction card.
On the other hand, Fiber says it may also be confusing. If the helpline rings off the hook, he says he'll know the effort was too ambitious.

Copyright 2006 Reuters. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
July 3rd & 8th


After a six-week production hiatus, Whoopy Snorp returns with a slew of brand new episodes. And beginning this week - well, what else?..... The Residents' River of Crime: Episode 1: "The Kid Who Collected Crimes". Also in celebrating Independence Day in the ol' USA, we'll listen to a few famous and infamous marches they've recorded.

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour airs twice weekly on 88.7 KRVS-FM in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Mondays at 11pm CST (Midnight on the East Coast, 9pm on the West Coast) and Saturday mornings at 3am CST (4am on the East Coast, 1am on the West Coast) and available online at <>


The Residents (or at least officially represented) are now on MySpace, and you can find some downloadable tunes now and more stuff on the way.


Urban Pollution Review of first 2 episodes of ROC 

The Residents
The Kid Who Collected Crimes! and Gator Hater!
Written By: Jerry Long

River of Crime! is a five episode audiobook in the style of classic true crime radio serials. The Residents have updated this format for the digital download era, and are offering each quarter hour podcast for download online from music services such as iTunes and Napster. This is the perfect time to update the radio drama, now that a similar phenomenon is happening with podcasting. The first two episodes, The Kid Who Collected Crimes! and Gator Hater! are a good enough beginning of what could prove to be an empty novelty, or a great use of technology to revitalize dated methods of mass entertainment. 

The story revolves around the life experience of the unidentified narrator. In the first episode, The Kid Who Collected Crimes!, the narrator explains the origins of his obsession with criminality. Having an intense interest in American inventors, he ultimately fixates on Thomas Edison’s electrocution of an elephant in 1903. This turns into a general fascination with electrocutions, then eventually crime in general. The narrator soon realizes he is so consumed by crime that all of his friends are criminals, his family is inaccessible, and he is becoming increasingly more fearful of the unseemly future that awaits.

The episode also details the narrator’s childhood discovery that the only woman ever executed by the state of Louisiana grew up in the house next door to his grandmother. He becomes so infatuated with the idea that he breaks into the neighboring house and rifles through the former belongings of the executed criminal. His narrow escape after being discovered provides him with a thrill that further compounds his addiction to lawlessness. 

Gator Hater! continues to describe the narrator’s childhood. It begins with the narrator sneaking out of his house to see a baby alligator that had found its way to the local lake, after his mother had explicitly forbidden him to do so. His mother catches him and threatens to severely punish him, only to break down in tears. The mother then explains her best friend was fed to a group of alligator by her crazed boss, who was angry she had spurned his sexual advances. 

Both episodes are heavy in detail, with sometimes graphic descriptions that would never have worked in the original 30’s radio programs. Electrocutions are fully cataloged with descriptions of burning flesh, bulging eyeballs, and thick smoke. The narrator’s mother gives lurid examples of the boss feeding cocker spaniels to his hungry alligators. Specifics like these help keep the stories interesting, adding a visceral element to the mostly spoken word chapters.

There are some elements of music. Quirky, psychedelic damaged instrumentation plays throughout and has a solid quality one would expect from a group that has worked 30 years on their art form. The Residents don’t let the music dominate, though, and it is merely used as another device to the keep the story moving and things entertaining. High pitched sung vocals are also used occasionally to add flavor and emphasis to some of the narrator’s chronicles. Other voices are also used when appropriate to depict characters the narrator encounters, adding another dimension to the narrative.

Additional consideration can also be made for the Resident’s subtle political commentary. The series is about crime, yet begins with a focus on the punitive. With horrid descriptions of execution, the Residents don’t let the listener escape into a fantasy of right vanquishing wrong. Tactics such as execution are forcibly exposed in all their gory harshness, with no way to evade confronting the issue directly. The narrator’s obsession with criminality also seems to be a an analogy for the larger society’s obsession with crime as well. By continuing to focus on crime, the narrator’s life only gets darker and bleaker. Perhaps the Residents are suggesting modern day culture does the same with news segments that are more prone to focus on the violent and criminal elements of the day’s events. 

Whatever becomes of the series remains to be seen with future episodes. The only real danger is that the story will go nowhere, and it will merely turn into a set of overly explicit horror stories with no overarching leitmotiv to tie it all together. However, the Residents are off to a good start with these two episodes, and the concept itself is executed well. Those expecting a musical album will only find this mildly interesting, but this should appeal to fans of audio books and spoken word and who don’t shy away from uneasy subject matter. With River of Crime!, the Residents continue to find new ways to keep their distinct art important and current.!_and_Gator_Hater!/

Cracklin' Radio is currently featuring "The Kid Who Collected Crimes!" as the featured new release this week on the internet station.

It is also going to be played during the second hour of the weekly show, Vinyl Casserole, on Canadian internet station LG73 ( which is also on iTunes
Current plans are to air the other four episodes as they come out in the next few months.


JUNE 14, 2006
As legend has it, around 1970 a SF-based experimental-art collective recorded a demo of their bizarre, sometimes abrasive music and mailed it off to Warner Brothers. In accordance with their philosophy, very little information was included with the tape. No names, no photos.
Since no names had been given, when the tape was returned a few weeks later it was addressed simply to “Residents.” So while they may not have gotten a record contract out of it, they did at least get a name for their band. 


Over the next 35-plus years, The Residents have continued experimenting, becoming anonymous, eyeball-headed, avant-garde legends, producing music, art and films on their own terms: They released some 40 albums, were inducted into MoMA, turned CD-ROM and DVD into art forms, and their rare live performances were like nothing you’ve ever seen. 
Over those same years the major record labels remained determinedly stagnant, foisting a lot of crap on the world. Eventually consumers stopped caring.


But history’s a funny beast. Not only is it cyclical, but sometimes when it swings back around, the forces have shifted a little. Recently, the major labels finally recognized that people were listening to music in a different way—often without the labels’ intervention. So slowly, reluctantly, they began offering music online.


When Warner took the leap last year, they found The Residents—who’d always been five steps ahead, technology-wise—waiting for them. And last November, Warners’ new digital wing, Cordless, finally offered The Residents that contract. 


But instead of simply posting a bunch of three-minute songs, on June 13 they released the premiere episode of The River of Crime, possibly the world’s first serialized musical, radio-drama podcast, with new episodes appearing every two weeks. Think of it as a post-postmodern Mercury Theater, hosted by a shadowy, nameless Orson Welles.


“Radio drama” may not be the right word, given there are no radios involved—but it expresses the idea. Like the radio dramas of the 1930s and ’40s, The River of Crime uses multiple actors, sound effects and music to tell a cryptic tale which stretches over a planned 20 episodes.


Each episode plays out on several levels. There’s the narrator recounting his story in the present, actors and sound effects recreating the story and a historical incident (like the Rosenberg execution) providing a thematic base. There’s also the music, which remains unmistakably Residential while hearkening back to the dark jazz of film noir, and a Greek Chorus commenting on the goings-on.
It’s an awful lot to cram into each 15-minute episode, yet all the parts mesh beautifully, almost operatically. Some of the individual episodes are more compelling than others, granted.
The question is, in this zip-bang world, will people listen to a structurally complex drama that’ll demand their attention and imagination for 15 minutes? Beyond simple imagination, even, River of Crime requires some thinking. Some connections are left intentionally obscure, as is often the case with The Residents’ work. But The Residents have always given their listeners a little more credit than most, and River of Crime is a heckuva ride—at turns darkly funny and sad, creepy and nasty. At others it’s downright disturbing. 


Never thought I’d say it, but here’s to Warner for having the balls to take the chance, and for finally recognizing where they should go to get the job done right.
River of Crime ( subscription packages available at Virgin, the MoMA store and through the Cordless website.


Cordless has announced that the River of Crime episodes will be released as a normal CD in the fall of 2006.

The 2/CDR blank version:
PROS: Will include an additional 15 minute instrumental suite and various freebies like ringtones. Special package. Limited edition collectible.
CONS: MP3 files. You have to burn your own discs. Only available in the USA Virgin Megastores, MoMA, or mail-order through and

The price will be $14.98 - CDR package and key for downloads.

The 1/CD version coming in the fall:
PROS: Full fidelity. Widely available. 
CONS: Normal package. Minor editing to allow fitting on one disc. No bonus material.

If you already have your package of blank CDR's, you can go to and download your first episode. 

But you probably don't have yours yet but soon. Get the blanks and the access code at The Ideal Copy (mail order), US Virgin Megastores, or MoMA museum store (NY). then go to to get access to files including wallpaper, icons, and more. 


From - January 29, 2006

River of Crime Announced

image from

The Cryptic Corporation announced over the holidays that a major new Residents project was in the works. The details are still sketchy, but the project is not due to go public until April so that is not surprising. It already has it's own web site so that means something.

From Dec 15, 2005:

Residents Cafe Event a Huge Success 

Image from

The Residents greet fans at The Horse Hospital

On Saturday Nov 19th, The Moles presented another in their series of Residents Parties.

The Residents were on hand to greet attendees at The Moles huge gala, THE MOLE SHOW - REVISITED at the infamous Residents Cafe in London.

See lots of photos and read all about the event here . 


Copy Protection 

Rumors of copy protection on Mute CD's untrue

Somehow the idea has gotten out there that Mute, owned by EMI, used Sony copy protection on ANIMAL LOVER. Mute says hogwash. There is NO copy protection and certainly doubly-so, no dumbo Sony computer killing security trashing copy protection. You can make your copies safely.

Let's let this rumor die quickly.


The Warner Bros. Album - 2006 version. 

Image from
The Residents continue their dance with Warners.

The Cryptic Corporation has signed a "special product" agreement with Warner owned, Cordless Recordings. While the nature of the agreement has not been announced, the fact that The Residents are continuing their happy album marriage with Mute does make us realize this is wide open to speculation.


Show us where you are! 

Image from

A new internet toy. Put a pin on our map, if you wanna. See where the BOG readers are!! 


Liner Notes error in "The Way We Were" 

Grab a ball point pen and jot this in your CD/DVD sleeve 

Where the liner notes say: 
To compensate for the lack of visual information the pre-show music that The Residents prepared for the Demons Dance Alone tour. 

should read this way: 
To compensate for the lack of visual information available for these performances - which were definitely more "happenings" than concerts - a bonus DVD is included to give you, the listener and viewer, a small taste of The Way We Were, The Residents 33rd Anniversary Show. And, as an even more special bonus feature, a 14 minute video is included showing some of the computer graphic "knots" that The Residents designed as stage projections. The soundtrack for this projection video is taken from the pre-show music that The Residents prepared for the Demons Dance Alone tour. 

Thanks to Theo Haris for pointing it out. 


From the Moles, November 21, 2005.

The Moles/Mute Residents Café at the Horse Hospital in London took place on
Saturday evening.

Very many thanks to everyone who managed to come. This was probably the
best-attended café yet, with some people sitting on the lumpy stone floor
for the main video performance.

The Mole Show was recreated on a big screen, using video and audio sections
from several sources, with textual narration and lyrical subtitles. As well
as footage of the live shows, there were animations and artisitic treatments
of Pore No Graphics images (and before you ask--sorry, it's not available).

As in the original, there was a musical intermission, and afterwards there
was a short presentation by Robert Schilling of Mute Records, followed by an
open-floor Q & A session, which perked-up a few ears. Then there was a free
raffle, and a selection of vinyl albums, CDs, DVDs and merchandise were
dished out by the lovely Brian Poole.

Afterwards, the Third Reich 'n Roll video short and The Way We Were were
shown... wrote:
> A pity that some people chose to natter loudly through the
> final section of the programme

Sorry, I hold my hand up here--I hadn't realised that so many people had
stayed on for this, until someone pointed it out to me, when I shut my big
fat gob. I'll suggest to the Moles that maybe a bit more "schmoozing time"
may be required at the next event, if/whenever that happens.

Thanks to Ian Shirley for coming, and signing books; thanks to Brian Poole
for helping out with the proceedings; thanks to Mute for sponsoring the
event; and thanks to the Horse Hospital for hosting it!

Keith A. Nuttall

From the Moles, November 20, 2005:

Yep, thanks to all involved, an excellent evening. I was most impressed by the way the rather brief and grainy live Mole Show footage was fleshed out with the animations to create a coherent audio-visual narrative. Definitely piqued my interest in returning to the Mole albums and exploring this particular bit of Residential history again.

A pity that some people chose to natter loudly through the final section of the programme- perhaps it illustrates that people tend not to value what is given for free. I suppose most had, in any case, already seen the 3rd RnR footage but "The Way We Were" film was new to me- fascinating stuff... if there was an Oscar for most inventive use of camera angles, this would surely win.

Many thanks to all the organisers, and I look forward to the next one.

Nick M


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour - October 10 & 15 

Image from
WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
October 10 & 15


Part Two of our celebration of Mute's splendid re-issue of the Residents' classic 1976 masterwork, THE THIRD REICH 'N' ROLL. More history of the album, a listen to Side (track #) Two; a mix of recordings featuring the original Rock 'N" Roll classics alongside their Residential re-interpretations and chances to phone KRVS during the program (Monday night only) to win a copy of Mute's definitive re-issue of THE THIRD REICH 'N' ROLL. 


BOGcast - Musician, Producer Eric Feldman interview part 1/2 

Image from
The new BOGcast is now available.

Sparky speaks with Eric Feldman on working with Beefheart, Snakefinger, and The Residents

Part 1 of 2

Here's how to subscribe on iTunes.

In iTUNES, go to the PODCAST DIRECTORY and search for RESIDENTS. Click the SUBSCRIBE button.

If using iTunes, FREE iTunes version 4.9 required  
What is a Podcast? 
Podcasts are radio-style shows — some from major media, others from passionate individuals — delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires you to listen in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you hear your favorite shows.

Until now, searching for podcasts was like scanning for radio stations in a strange city — except you’d be browsing thousands of podcasts in a teeming metropolis called the Internet. And if you wanted to subscribe to a podcast, well, you needed additional software to keep everything up to date. There had to be an easier way. Enter iTunes and iPod, with built-in podcast support. 
Now you can easily find and subscribe to free podcasts from one of the largest directories on the web — the iTunes Podcast Directory. Featuring over 3,000 free podcasts from favorites such as The Residents, the Podcast Directory puts all the best podcasts in one place. Once you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes automatically checks for updates and downloads new episodes to your computer. When you sync your iPod, all your podcasts come along for the ride. You get on-demand radio, delivered automatically. All from the world’s best digital jukebox.


Mute America releases "ultimate" Third Reich 

Image from

Mute continues to show that it can turn even a title as old as the Third Reich N Roll (1975) into a modern tour-de-force almost new release. Now available in the USA.

Truly ultimate, and truly must-have. A+


BOG Historical could be BOG Hysterical 

Image from

The BOG has just started some initial testing for an expansion based on the concept of BOG Historical. Like all good museums, it is a place where dead things are stored and the focus solidly centers on those halcyon days of yore. 

Since accurate information remains a long-standing Residents trademark, the BOG has been encouraged to clarify the copious amounts of misinformation found among the many fan sites and books. Given the hours of music, thousands of images, hundreds of performances and uncategorized weirdness generated by the Eyeball Collective in well over 30 years, it's not an easy task. But, with the kind cooperation of tzoq, whose initial website contained a wealth of fairly accurate information, along with the expanded Uncle Willie archives, and, interestingly enough, the help of The Residents, it's starting to take shape.

In general, The Residents put little value in THEIR history - THEY do it and move on - but THEY have become aware of the value it has for others, so, with this in mind THEY became highly interested, not so much in the history, but how it's organized. In THEIR EYES, most historical information is categorized in overly obvious or lazy ways. Anyone can create a chronology or alphabetize a list of terms, but what does that have to do with the success, failure or FEELING of an event? And the aspect of organization THEY find most deplorable is the typical linear look at reality - life is NOT a series of shoeboxes rolling off of a conveyor belt. And, The Residents say, if there is a conveyor belt, it's full of holes, covered in grease spots and fitfully moves back and forth - and whatever is on it, is gloriously scattered in random, and occasionally thoughtful ways, up and down the belt.

In response, the BOG suggested that those of us not inside THEIR head are restricted to seeing THEIR work as packaged projects, presented one after the other, and THEY have never given us any guidelines to change that perception. At that point it was either share some insight or shut up and concentrate on the next shoebox, so THEY graciously consented to participate. 

BOG Historical will conform to the norm with chronological lists and such. However, in addition to the norm, Historical will allow The Residents to organize as THEY wish. This means that the holy conveyor belt will stop and THEY can point to things on the belt that are in the "past" as well as things planned for the "future" and, if necessary, color outside the lines or connect invisible dots to make their point. We don't have to understand.

After all, THEY insist that the art is the belt ...the rest is just decoration.


The Way We Were presale at Ralph America 

Image from

The Way We Were

"Memories, like the corners of my mind... " 

You all know that The Residents played five shows in Australia last March in celebration of their 33rd Anniversary. And you know they played oldies in the show named, The Way We Were.

You probably don't know much more than that. Well, stick around as things are about to change.

This new release contains the entire audio - live - from that show on CD, plus a BONUS disc of almost a half hour of video of those performances on DVD.

As an additional bonus, the above mentioned DVD contains a 14 minute video of animated "knots" that were created for the visuals of The Way We Were which have been set to, previously unreleased, music.

More information available from Ralph America.

Ralph America 


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour October 3rd & 8th 

Image from


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
October 3rd & 8th


In celebration of Mute's splendid re-issue of The Residents' classic 1976 masterwork, THE THIRD REICH 'N' ROLL; Whoopy Snorp will present a two-part examination of the album. Besides a brief history, we'll present recordings of the original 1960's rock'n' roll classics alongside their re-workings. This week - Side One: Swastikas On Parade. 

From October 9, 2005:

London listening party for The Mole Trilogy 

Image from

At the Residents Cafe in November, The Moles will present a unique audio-visual celebration of the Mute release of The Mole Trilogy - The Mole Show Revisited. 

They will also be screening footage from The Way We Were performance. The footage is part of the Ralph America, The Way We Were, CD.  

Free admission 
Free-to-enter raffle with lots of lovely Residential prizes 
Mute merchandise stall 
all this and much more 

Keep an eyeball open here, and on The Moles' site (, for more details as they are confirmed. 


From The Blog Oct 9, 2005:

Moles Marching to the Sea November 14 

Image from

Mute has announced the release of deluxe CD's of Mark of the Mole, The Tunes of Two Cities, The Big Bubble, and Intermission for November 14th.

There will be two packages each containing two CD's and book.

More later as information becomes available.


From Keith at the Moles:

Hi folks

A couple of weekends ago, we put the new Third Reich 'n Roll theme pages
live on the web site at and, silly us, we forgot to
tell anyone about it. So please pop over to have a look. There's not THAT
much new (the album is 30 years old for cripe's sake), but there are some
pictures you may not have seen before and it brings the whole site's album
content together in one bundle - well worth a browse!

And while you're at the site, you can see a miniature version of the poster
we've produced, to advertise the coming of the Mole Trilogy evening the
Moles and Mute will be hosting, in London on Saturday 19th November (more
details to follow).

Keith A. Nuttall


From Mute on September 26, 2005:

The Residents - Third Reich 'N Roll

Released 26 September 2005
Limited edition CD - LCDSTUMM253 (as normal CD with slipcase)

Originally released in 1976, THIRD REICH 'N ROLL is a groundbreaking album and features only two tracks, Swastikas On Parade and Hitler Was A Vegetarian, both intense, deconstructed cover versions of 1960s hits. The band found themselves isolated from mainstream bland radio friendly rock, and soon concluded they had created an album about fascism and in particular, the fascism of rock 'n' roll.

Since the album's concept was fascism, the original artwork* and photo sessions for THIRD REICH 'N ROLL are controversial, employing Nazi imagery and featuring The Residents (pre-eyeball days) wearing huge swastika collars.

Mute's deluxe release of this classic album of cover versions will include a 32-page booklet including all the photo sessions from the time, the original sleeve art and an "historical" text explaining the concept and its relevance to culture today.

THIRD REICH 'N ROLL is the third Residents album release for Mute. Their latest album, ANIMAL LOVER is out now on CD and vinyl.

The Residents don't support racism, Catholicism, fascism, Judaism, cynicism, realism or journalism. 

*depicting Dick Clark, presenter of American Bandstand – the first US national rock programme – in Nazi uniform holding a tempting carrot.

Order from Amazon UK: CD | LCD

Download from iTunes UK 

Forthcoming Releases

Mute is set to reissue The Resident's epic THE MOLE TRILOGY on two deluxe special edition double-CD sets, out on 31st October 2005.

Originally released between 1981-85 as the follow up to the Commercial Album (available on Mute as a deluxe edition), THE MOLE TRILOGY sees the band take a closer look at civilisation, telling an epic story connecting several generations of the fictitious race of the hardworking underground Mohelmot people (the Moles) and the superficial Chubs. Alternating between the two cultures, the band use a form of lyrical storytelling to follow these two races to their inevitable ideological clash and using pseudo documentary "music", the band show us the musicology of the two cultures, first separate and then evolving as the societies begin to merge.

31 Oct "Mark of the Mole" + "Intermission"
31 Oct "Tunes of Two Cities" + "Big Bubble" 


From Ralph America Sept 21, 2005:

Hello Ralph Friend:

1) You can now preorder the new Mute special release of the 3rd Reich and
Roll, with a new special package including a 32 page book, with original
photos (never before seen), stories and information surrounding the
controversial release. It arrives for an October 4th release. Coming soon
is a new Pour?No, Graphics! designed 3rD Reich and Roll tshirt of some
sort, so keep on the lookout for that if this is one of your favorite

2) On Oct. 1st (Saturday) folks near the Bay Area of CA can stop on in to
say hi, and shop amongst many fine things. A collaborative warehouse sale
between RalphAmerica/Astropitch and Alternative Tentacles (world famous
punk rock leaders) will be putting a bunch of stuff out into our patio to
sell. This time we'll have  more stuff than we have had before, as we've
been saving a lot of it, or discovered new stuff etc - anyhow, it's also
priced to sell with quality, sealed cds going mostly for $3 a pop, bulk
bargain deals and a lot of slightly damaged goods that we can't sell as
new. Not only Residents related items, but stuff from all of our sites,
past sites, and stuff that just got shipped to us by accident etc. Bound
to be some big finds for you and yer friends, so please see tha map at the
site and we hope to see you - credit cards and cash are gladly
received.10am to 3pm.

coming soon...presales for The Way We Were and Wormwood Live DVD.
the Ralph gang 


From Rock /The Moles September 19, 2005

Well, it's nice and timely that the Mole Show has popped up as a topic of interest..

The Moles and Mute are pleased to announce that we will once again be hosting a Residents Cafe at the Horse Hospital in London (UK) on Saturday, November 19.

We will be celebrating our own 5th anniversary, the rerelease of The Mole Trilogy, and the almost-25th anniversary of Mark Of The Mole.

If you missed the original Mole Show back in the 80's (you can blame your parents if you were born too late), this will be the next best thing to being there.

As usual, admission will be free. There will be a free-to-enter raffle, with lots of lovely prizes.

Many more details to follow - watch this space.

Meanwhile, if you need persuading, read about our previous Residents Cafes here (but the next one will be the BEST!): 

November 19 - put it in your diaries.
The Moles

From - posted August 30, 2005

Token In Time - Fatty B’s Aesthetic Guide to The Residents 

Love? Sex? 

The first weekly installment of “Token In Time - Fatty B’s Aesthetic Guide to The Residents” on UArts Web Radio begins this Thursday, Sept 1. Top hats go on at 8pm (EST) and stay on for two hours. To hell with anti-top hat legislation!
This week’s theme: Love/Sex

Join them in the chat room online or call in!
UArts Web Radio can be found at 

You will need the latest version of Quicktime. Join them in the chat for any technical difficulties.

Who is this guy, Sparky? 

Mr. BOGcast 

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A Chat with Sparky

Big Brother - I have to ask you some questions because of e-mail I am getting about the BOGcast. I have reached you through instant messanger so I am ready to grill you, are you ready? 

Sparky - yes

BB - Okay, the constant question I get is "who is this guy Sparky," but I won't ask this in that way. I will ask how did you get to do a podcast for

S - Podcasting is hot and thought it would be a great opportunity to do something fun and new, and also to jump on a bandwagon, before it has started to really move. I'm computer literate you know.

BB - That doesn't answer very much. Explain how you met me.

S - Dren at Ralph America introduced us.

BB - How do you know Dren, then?

S - I worked for Ralph America for a little over a year and a half. 

BB - So your connection through Dren also allowed you join the troupe that went to Australia for The Way We Were shows. What was your job for those shows?

S - I picked up all the odds and ends: promotion, runner, and problem resolver.

BB - Here's a photo of you on stage helping The Residents in Australia.

BB - That trip must have thrown you into spending a lot of personal time with The Residents. Did that help you get some of the inside information for starting to do a podcst series?

S - It helped tremendously. It is almost impossible to understand the slightest bit about The Residents unless you are somehow directly linked to them. There are stories that I would never have learned had I not been in Australia. And even just getting to know people involved has really helped. I would have never really gotten to know the members of The Cryptic Corporation, or Kevin Ink, the wonderful sound man on this week's BOGcast.

BB - I can see that having helped out on the show would put you in line for related projects. Are you doing other things with them besides the BOGcast?

S - Well, as of right now I am also in charge of Cryptic's eBay operation.

BB - Do you still work at RalphAM?

S - I have since left Ralph America, and am primarily focusing on The Residents, and I just started back on my home stretch of college, although, if I can find time, i'd like to find something else to help put extra dough in the wallet.

BB - What kind of things would you be interested in, maybe someone in the SF area would like to hire an aggressive young go-getter?

S - Actually, I'm thinking about trying next summer for an internship down at Apple computers in Cupertino, but I have to wait a few months before things will start to be offered. But otherwise, anything in the creative field, and a fun environment. I know that's what everyone wants, but it's also what I want and I've got some good experience! That is one reason why I love The Residents and working with them so much, is that it IS one the most fun environments that any person could ever work in, they are as kind and caring as they are mysterious.

BB - Is it okay to ask some details about you, like how old are you... you look pretty young in the photo?

S -I am 21 years young

BB - That is pretty young to be doing all of this. I don't understand how someone of your age can end up with an interest in The Residents. Not the usual interest of a normal 21 yo.

S - Oh ho ho ho, I know my friends don't get it either! Well, it all started about 7 years ago. I started growing tired of all the junk that was on the radio (a revelation many still have yet to realize.) So I picked up a DEVO CD, and started getting really into them. Pop music, yes, but un-pop and clever enough to keep a 14 yo interested. One day, while I was listening to the DEVO version of Satisfaction, my father came home (also a DEVO fan) and asked me if I wanted to hear the REAL version of that song. I said 'sure,' and, yes, this was The Residents' version of Satisfaction b/w loser=weed. I had just opened pandora's box. A wave of emotions poured out of the record player. Emotions I couldn't understand, and emotions I didn't really like. After that was over (much to my happiness) he put on Duck Stab / Buster and Glen. A few days later I went out and purchased Meet The Residents, and my collection has grown and grown since then... for the record, Satisfaction is still one song that is hard for even me to stomach.

BB - Even DEVO are grandfatherly types for someone your age to be listening to. Shouldn't you have been into Green Day or Justin?

S - Well, like I said, I have a broken brain that can't seem to understand verse/chorus/verse/chorus/musical solo/verse/chorus/end; and that is what I find most music to be. It just seems too predictable to me, I can't find any joy or pleasure in it... and thus has become the fate with DEVO. While I still enjoy it a lot, it has become a little monotonous for me. I had a hard time (as do most) getting into The Residents at first, because I was so used to the pop song format. but having listened to The Residents for so long, they have become what I compare music to. 

BB - Ok: speed question time 
Favorite TV show? 
S - Simpsons (for all 16 seasons baby!)
Favorite gaming platform? 
S - Super Nintendo (i've been playing games for as long as i've been watching the Simpsons, and there doesn't seem to be anything better than the Super Nintendo. A perfect blend of graphics, and game play. Because the graphics were limited, developers spent more time making fun games.
Favorite food?
S - Tacos
Mac or PC?
S - Mac, of course.
What do you wanna be when you grow up or I am grown up?
S - Jose Canseco... (when I was about 3, and somebody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say Jose Canseco, or a dinosaur)
Honestly, right now, my dream job would to be to work at Apple, helping pave a way in their course for the future. 

BB - I think we are getting the jest. Thanks for enlightening us.

S - You're welcome


BOGcast - Recording The Residents - Part 1 

Backing Singers at work on Animal Lover at Kevin Ink's studio.

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The new BOGcast is now available.

Sparky talks to Kevin Ink about his work with The Residents in part 1 of a two part interview.

Here's how to subscribe on iTunes.

In iTUNES, go to the PODCAST DIRECTORY and search for RESIDENTS. Click the SUBSCRIBE button.

If using iTunes, FREE iTunes version 4.9 required
What is a Podcast? 
Podcasts are radio-style shows — some from major media, others from passionate individuals — delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires you to listen in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you hear your favorite shows.

Until now, searching for podcasts was like scanning for radio stations in a strange city — except you’d be browsing thousands of podcasts in a teeming metropolis called the Internet. And if you wanted to subscribe to a podcast, well, you needed additional software to keep everything up to date. There had to be an easier way. Enter iTunes and iPod, with built-in podcast support. 
Now you can easily find and subscribe to free podcasts from one of the largest directories on the web — the iTunes Podcast Directory. Featuring over 3,000 free podcasts from favorites such as The Residents, the Podcast Directory puts all the best podcasts in one place. Once you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes automatically checks for updates and downloads new episodes to your computer. When you sync your iPod, all your podcasts come along for the ride. You get on-demand radio, delivered automatically. All from the world’s best digital jukebox.

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour August 29 & September 3 


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WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
August 29 & September 3


For the next three, NO... MAKE THAT FOUR WEEKS, Whoopy Snorp will be spotlighting the life and musical times of Philip C. Lithman (a.k.a. Snakefinger): longtime guitarist, friend and collaborator with The Residents who left this mortal coil back in 1987. In this first installment, we'll be listening to early recordings with The Residents along with segments from radio interviews conducted during those days of yore. 


Mute schedules MOLE series for release 

Mark of the Mole, The Tunes of Two Cities, The Big Bubble, Intermission 

Mute has announced that it will release four albums from the Mole Trilogy in the fall of 2005. 

Eskimo Box Set 

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A long time ago, there were plans for an elaborate fake fur covered box set for for Eskimo. Even the one-sided white vinyl discs had fur on their back sides and a fur label.

The project was abandoned because it was just too much work as each had to be totally hand crafted.

However, Chris in Australia took up the challenge and faithfully recreated the original 25 year old idea, and here are the pictures to prove it. Good work, Chris. 


From our friends at Ralph - posted August 30th, 2005


Just a note: When placing an order at please keep this in

When you spend $50 or more with your order (including shipping) you will
get a FREE, yes, FREE bonus grab bag gift.

You see, we have a lot of various one off, slightly misprinted, leftover
bonus thingies and much more, kinda lying around, looking lazy and taking
up space. We'd like to pass the leftovers to you. It could be anything,
from a limited anticon tee to a misprinted Residents limited edition disc,
to signed poster, to a hoodie missing a string...the possibilities are
endless. We are NOT taking requests though.

So stop on by, make sure you get your Live at the Fillmore 2 CD set (going
fast), Residents computer Bag or shopping bag (can never have too many of
those), and you'll get a fab new something or other with your $50+ order -
the ralph gang


From our friends at Ralph - posted August 30th, 2005

HI Ralph friend:

what's new at Ralph America?

Well, we're feverishly working on some special new releases, that may or
may not come out soon, but to tide you over, we've created a lovely new
computer bag for you. Show off to the nerds in yer local coffee shop,
library, or record've got the coolest gadget bag in town. Not
necessarily for computers only, this makes a lovely book bag, cd bag, or
hey, maybe a "european carryall" (but with a shoulder strap...just don't
match it with a long fur coat.)

Anyhow, that's we are working with MVD to see about getting a
special advance batch of WW dvds for Ralph customers before their official
release date...more on that as we get news.

Hey, what sort of new Residents item would you like to see (besides
Babysex, Coathangers, Warner Bros album etc) us carry? Send an email to
info at astropitch dot com -

seeyou at the Ralph Store

August 9, 2005 - Ralph says:

Ralph friend,
We will be ordering a batch of Animal Lover CDs from Bomba soon, and
before we order, we need to know how many to order. These items cost too
much to keep in stock, so we'll make a special order for those that want
them. You'll have to wait longer than normal for this, as we'll take
orders up to July 31st, and on August 1st place our order with Bomba -
once they're here, we'll send you your order. If you order this now (or by
the end of day July 20th) you WILL be entered in the current contest.
Audio-wise, there is nothing different on this version of Animal Lover. It
does have the bonus disc, and it has all of the artwork, though it is all
on a foldout poster, rather than a booklet
catch it all at the Ralph corner store...


From - August 9, 2005:

Podcast Subscription 

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The above picture should say it all.

Until we are added to the iTunes directory, 
open iTunes under the "Advanced" menu item, select "Subscribe to Podcast"
type (or cut and paste) into the URL box
click OK button.

Then, whenever a new podcast (BOGcast) is released it will upload to your computer automatically when you open iTunes. If you plug in an iPod it will then automatically transfer to your iPod if you have configured your iTunes preferences to do so. 

Podcasting almost 

Image from

Yea, we are almost there. Perhaps as early as tomorrow we will tell you how to subscribe so you won't have to actually download these audio files, but for today, ya gotta do it by hand.

For today, use this link to download.

Episode 2 

2.9 MB 12:39

The subject for next friday's bogcast is The Fillmore Show 97. Ask your questions and email them to us.

Send comments and questions to:

The sooner you get questions in, the more likely they will get answered on the show. Timing is everything.

What is a Podcast? 
Podcasts are radio-style shows — some from major media, others from passionate individuals — delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires you to listen in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you hear your favorite shows.

Until now, searching for podcasts was like scanning for radio stations in a strange city — except you’d be browsing thousands of podcasts in a teeming metropolis called the Internet. And if you wanted to subscribe to a podcast, well, you needed additional software to keep everything up to date. There had to be an easier way. Enter iTunes and iPod, with built-in podcast support. 

Now you can easily find and subscribe to free podcasts from one of the largest directories on the web — the iTunes Podcast Directory. Featuring over 3,000 free podcasts from favorites such as The Residents, the Podcast Directory puts all the best podcasts in one place. Once you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes automatically checks for updates and downloads new episodes to your computer. When you sync your iPod, all your podcasts come along for the ride. You get on-demand radio, delivered automatically. All from the world’s best digital jukebox.


Pod Cast info 

More info 

Great to see so much interest in the pod cast. Here is some answers to some questions about it.

1. The first Pod Cast is set to be posted on friday, July 29. And every friday after that. There is nothing posted at this time so don't look for it.

2. This is a first time deal, so things will likely go wrong. I'll keep you informed with info and instructions.

3. Pod casting doesn't require iTunes, it is just easier with iTunes. Pod casting doesn't require a portable mp3 player. Listen on your computer if you wish. We will try to get the pod cast on other distribution sites beside iTunes , like Pod Cast Alley and Pod Cast Net

iTunes (free - recommended), but iPodder (free) will also work

iTunes (free - recommended), but iPodder (free) will also work

iPodder (free) will work

If you wanna walk around while listening, best is iPod with iTunes feeding it because it is all automatic. One button to click (subscribe) and you are set for eternity.
Other MP3 players will work but they must be manually loaded each week.

If you want to use your Sony PSP, I suggest PSPWare ( for Mac and Windows used with iTunes for Mac or Windows. Costs $15 but also loads movies, photos, etc as well as backing up your games. Not automatic loading. that is only for iPod.

Wormwood DVD now shipping from Euro Ralph 

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Wormwood DVD 
One of the most impressing shows by the Residents now on DVD. Shot at the end of the tour in Bonn, Germany (16.7.1999). At the point, where routine and creativity reached the peak! As usual NTSC/all regions

From July 10, 2005

ANIMAL LOVER out in Japan 

 Image from

The Residents Animal Lover is now in stores in Japan. The packaging is unique. The gatefold sleeve (pictured) contains a 30 inch by 15 inch sheet that folds 15 times like a map. It contains the pictures, stories and lyrics as in the Mute book, though they are translated into Japanese as well as English.

The gatefold CD also includes the imaginary bonus disc. 


THE 12 DAYS OF CONTESTIA - Email from Ralph

Today, July 8th, we are starting a little drawing/contest. If you place an
order for more than $30 with Ralph from July 8th until July 20th, your
name will be entered into the contest, a large hat, if you will. On July
21st we will draw names from the hat, and 3 lucky folks will get something
lovely. The more orders you place, the more chances you have. What do you
win? Here ya go:

1st PRIZE - A Lovely and custom made BUNNY SUIT, just like those worn by
the Gamelon Orchestra during the San Francisco Icky Flix shows at the
Brava theatre!

2nd Prize - A vinyl bonanaza! You get the DELUXE EDITIONS of the King and
Eye (includes bonus 12") and of WB: RMX (with bonus 12") AND you get the
black vinyl 2LP set of RoadWorms, which is very rare (as they were meant
to be colored vinyl.) None of these are currently available.

3rd Prize - Limited Edition CD collection: You get a lower than low number
(under #50) copy of High Horses and WormWood Live 2 CDset. WHEW!

To answer all those who are asking, YES, Ralph America will be carrying
the new WW DVD when it is available. We will be getting it from MVD
domestically, it is not a limited edition. As soon as they give us a price
and date, we will make it available for presale.


News quoted from and Ralph America - Posted June 26, 2005

Wormwood DVD delayed until early July

Image from

Due to undisclosed problems, Euro Ralph today announced the release of the Wormwood Live DVD will be delayed a bit into early July. The video was shot in Bonn Germany near the end of the tour so the show is in top form. This is a must-see for those of you who missed this tour.


Hello Ralph Friend,

just a note to let you know that the LIVE AT THE FILLMORE extravaganza 2CD
live set is now shipping! So if you preordered your order has shipped, or
will ship tomorrow. If you were waiting to see if we were really gonna get
them, we got them!

Also new and available are the Ralph/Residents grocery tote bags, and the
Animal Lover deluxe 2LP vinyl set.

See you at the Ralph corner store...
Ralph America


Live at the Fillmore in stock

Image from

Live at the Fillmore re-creation CD is now available. Looks just like the original except for the fine print.


Yes good Ralph folk, it's true:

We've repressed the good ol' Live at the Fillmore set cuz, let's face
facts, it's amazing! And it was far too limited, and many of you fine
folks missed out. Track listing, description, everything you need is over
at the Ralph site, so check out the preorder today.

And while yer there, you might consider picking up the new Tote Bag, with
a fanciful new treatment on old logos from your friends at

Come on down to the Ralph store, and we look forward to seein' ya on
roller derby.


Hello Ralph Friend:

The Lovely new VINYL VERSION OF ANIMAL LOVER is here. NOW! Don't walk, but
RUN to yer browser and navigate to so you can
pick one of these up. It's 2 slabs of heavy vinyl, color inserts, lots of! We don't actually know how long we can get them for, or
how many we can get, so don't dillydally. Wow, we haven't used that
expression in a long time.

We'll see you at the Ralph Store!
The Ralph Gang:



Image from

Mute has a deluxe 2/LP version of Animal Lover ready to go. Here is a picture of mine!! See the two inner sleeves in the background.


Third Reich Deluxe coming from Mute

Image from

With Mute's usual grand stroke of the posh, This Residents ancient recording will get a complete makeover around September or so. Mute is going all out to produce the ultimate and perhaps final re release of The Third Reich 'N' Roll. In the style of The Commercial Album and Animal Lover releases, Third Reich will be an information laden book and CD combination that is certain to stir up controversy as much as it did in its original release way way way back in 1975.

A genuine must have.

Coming soon!


News taken from 05/30/05

More collectibles on eBay

Image from

Most of you will probably say: " Wah tha hell is that?" I barely knew myself.

It is a pristine UWEB box set which was released by Ralph America a number of years ago, at least 10. Ralph was selling the old UWEB releases and when it became obvious that there were only a few left of each title, they had these cool flight cases made to hold the complete collection. Only 20 of 'em.

It contains all the official UWEB releases including:

-Santa Dog ‘88 (UWEB 001)
-The Snakey Wake (UWEB 002)
-Buckaroo Blues (UWEB 003)
-Liver Music (UWEB 004)
-Daydream B-Liver (UWEB 005)
-Live in the USA 13th Anniversary Tour
Featuring Snakefinger 2/CD set (UWEB 006/007)
-aka Snakefinger 1949-1987 (UWEb 008)
-Santa Dog ’92 (UWEB 009)
-Booger Breath (UWEB USP00012)

Each Resident received one copy (1-4), and this is number 4 of the 4. For full disclosure, they never actually picked them up so the boxes remained in the Cryptic archives until now. So it did belong to a Resident, though it was never in the possession of a Resident. Spotless and unopened. Sold with permission of the owners.

Winner also receives the original paste-up for one of the UWEB newsletters as a bonus "thing".
"Mildly water damaged" (says the eBay copy).

Also offered separately is the back-up photo which was used for the Eskimo cover... which would have been used, what is, if the number 1 photo had been damaged during cover construction. You can check both out here:

Eskimo photo


The legendary 1997 performance of The Residents at The Fillmore in San Francisco is headed back into print. Ralph America announced today that this 2/CD limited edition project will be a faithful recreation of the original album and package as released in 1997.

Release is expected in late June.

Image from



Image from

Mute today announced that a deluxe 2/LP release of Animal Lover is due to be hitting shops on the 13th of June.

From May 9, 2005


Image from

The Residents Animal Lover will be hitting Japanese shops on June 26th, Bomba announced today. The packaging will be unique. The gatefold sleeve will contain a 30 inch by 15 inch sheet that folds 15 times like a map. It will contain the pictures, stories and lyrics as in the Mute book, though they will be translated into Japanese, of course.

Bomba will also include the bonus disc, ...Imaginary Jack.



Merchandise to complete your collection

The Mute merch site


now offers T-shirts, key rings, and postcards.

Commercial Album and Animal Lover on vinyl are coming soon, I hear.


From Ralph America May 9, 2005.

HIya Ralph friend:

A note that we have a brand spankin new, loverly tee - the Mountain Man
drawing from Residue, in 4 color glory on a lovely beefy t baseball shirt
(brown/copper). So fabulous, you can't stand it.

And for a very limited time, if you buy one of these loverlies, you also
have a chance to get a BIZARRE Animal Lover tee. We printed some of these
with the colors reversed, and while they still look cool, they're not
printed as intended. But maybe some of you are into this. If so, pick one

This is all, please stop by the Ralph America store today!


From - April 18, 2005:

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour --- April 18TH (only)


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
April 18TH (only)


Between the chores of wrapping up Spring Fundraiser 2005 and preparing for our 4-Day Marathon broadcast of Festival International de Louisiane, April 21st-24th, we're busy bees here at KRVS. That means it's Stax 'n Stax 'o (practically uninterupted) Rez-Wax for the entire know the drill - a mix of music from our Favorite Faceless Anti-Stars, Covers of their Tunes, Gossip & Rumor and whatever else usually radiates from our lil' show here at KRVS (in the heart of Cajun shit, there's an actual swamp with moss-covered trees and living alligators a mere few steps outside of the studios).
No rebroadcast this week only due to our coverage of Festival International de Louisiane.


Merchandise to complete your collection

The Mute merch site


now offers T-shirts, key rings, and postcards.

Commercial Album and Animal Lover on vinyl are coming soon, I hear.


News from March 20, 2005:

USA to get AL on April 5th

Image from
Wake me when it's over.

Yep, we have another date for the release of Animal Lover, though probably all of you have heard it by now.

Looks like April 5th will be the in-store date for the USA'ers and the Canadians.


Wormwood DVD coming from Euro Ralph

Image from

Last week, Euro Ralph sneaked a bit of a new Wormwood DVD project in Sweden, and it did not go unnoticed by the fans. ER has now come clean admitting that they do have a master, but no package yet. They would not estimate when the release will be ready for consumption.

Rock, from The Moles, reports the following March 11, 2005:

The OFFICIAL release date (for UK & rest of the world - EXCLUDING USA, where the date is yet to be confirmed) is March 28.

A vinyl version is due for release on May 9.

A new 'Official Product' T-shirt is presently in production. Those who know and care about such things have seen a proof copy, and declared themselves 'delighted' with the result.

Other rumours -
The Mole 'trilogy' may be repackaged (with bonus material) and rereleased later this year.

Third Reich and Roll may be repackaged and rereleased later this year (around the same time as the Mole Trilogy) - no extra material for 3R'n'R, unfortunately.

Mute hope to release box-sets of all Mute/Residents releases next year - both a CD box-set, and a vinyl one.

Better start saving those pennies...

The Moles


News from Ralph - March 6, 2005:

Hello Ralph Friends,

Hopefully some of you down under have been enjoying some fine Residents

Meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, we've announced a preorder for
Animal Lover (the BRAND NEW CD from The Residents on MUTE), and a few
fancy Animal Lover PACKAGE DEALS!

So please stop by the Ralph corner ( of the
internet, and preorder your copy of Animal Lover, and get in on one of the
very limited deals (including a newly designed poorNOgraphics teeshirt,
specifically for this deal!)

Not to mention, NEW BabyFingers hoodies, now available. Man, these are
bitchen folks! On super high quality, Made in the USA bayside hoodies!

seeya at the zoo...
Ralph America Gang


From February 21, 2005

KRVS show for Feb 21 - 26


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
February 21 & 26


Laments recorded after the passings of both Philip Lithman (The Snakey Wake) and N. Senada (Pollex Christi) as well as a couple of spotty leaklets from ANIMAL LOVER with a side of Spotted Pinto Beans.

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour originates twice weekly from the hallowed studios of 100,000-watt KRVS (88.7FM) in Lafayette, Louisiana - within the very same collegiate corridors where reportedly, some of The Residents trodded back in the mid-Sixties. The program is also available online at <> with additional audio streamed locally through Acadiana Open Channel
and the UL- Lafayette Campus Cable System.

WS is looking for YOUR recorded renditions, interpretations and such for airing on future editions of the program. Slap that music on a disc (or cassette) and mail it to:

c/o Whoopy Snorp
PO Box 42171
Lafayette, Louisiana 70504


From - February 15, 2005

KRVS show for Feb 14 - 19


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents' Hour
February 14 & 19

The Conclusion of GOD IN 3 PERSONS and more of YOUR covers of tunes by The Residents.
Recordings are trickling in, but we need MORE! Would love to be able to devote an entire hour to submitted recordings soon, so mail yer stuff to:

c/o Whoopy Snorp
PO Box 42171
Lafayette, Louisiana


Just in via email - Feb 15, 2005

Hi, I'm Daniel Berlin, a student at U Arts in Philadelphia. I run a webradio
show and this week i will be featuring the Residents: Parodies and Covers. Big
Brother at already posted something up about it, but i was
thinking there were those you could reach that he cannot. (It is tomorrow, i
know this is short warning, but i suppose it's better than nothing).

DJ Fatty B and the Goodtime Gang presents: The Residents, part Deux: covers and
parodies. Wednesday, Feb 16 12-4pm (Eastern time zone). Join Fatty B for a four
hour retrospective of scathing sardonicism and artistic veneration which will
include originals too. From the Beatles, to James Brown, to the Rolling Stones
and much more.

(two weeks ago i did my first residents show wich was a general retrospective,
excluding most covers and parodies. More shows are sure to follow).

thanks much


More exciting information from - Feb 12, 2005

Correcting Australian festival misinformation

Not The Residents no matter what anyone says

Image from

WHAT IS MUSIC just published this incorrect press release on their web site:

•THE RESIDENTS’ new album “Animal Lovers” is their first for three years – and their first with Mute Records. Much of this new album and more will be presented in a brand new show – now confirmed as 2hrs in length! There are no other appearances scheduled by THE RESIDENTS other than the WHATISMUSICONATHON?

Since I know some of you will attend, trust your Big Brother to give you the straight facts. The Residents will play only material that has been released, which makes fair game anything from Meet The Residents through Demons Dance Alone, but not Animal Lover. Animal Lover, from The Residents perspective, is part of the future, and this show focuses on history. Sorry, not even one hint of that much delayed opus.

This "33rd Anniversary Show" is about 75-85 minutes in length and has plenty to look at as well.

How do I know? I attended a rehearsal on a couple of nights ago.

What is true is that these are the only appearances of The Residents in Australia, and I can safely add, the only performance of this specific show in the world since all other offers to perform this show have been turned down. The Residents have other plans apparently.

Internet Radio Show "Residents Deux"

Parodies and Covers

Fatty B & the Goodtime Gang

"The Residents Deux: Parodies and Covers."

Join DJ Fatty B for a 4 hour retrospective of The Residents scathing sardonicism and artistic veneration; from Hank Williams to the Beatles to the Rolling Stones. The program will include some originals. Polish your eyeball, tune in, and chat!

"Residents Deux"
Wednesday Feb 16.

12-4pm eastern time.

There were some minor technical difficulties last time, but these are now straightened out. the url is if for some reason the "listen" button is not working, the shortcut url is rtsp:// . Technical support is provided in the chatroom. Quicktime is required.

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour: February 14

Image from

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
February 14

Be listening on the evening of Valentine's Day (February 14) as we broadcast-premiere the latest opus from The Residents, ANIMAL LOVER. We'll also share some love by giving away copies of the new CD release on-air (courtesy of the Mute label), so stay near those phones and computers!!!


The Residents in Australia - Sydney VENUE CHANGE

Image from
March 2005 Australia

154 Flinders Street (cnr Russell), Melbourne (City) Ph: (03) 9299 9750 Fax: (03) 9299 9660
624 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000.
119 Lamington Street , New Farm, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3358 8622 Fax: (07) 3358 8611

Listening Party in San Francisco Bay Area

Even as suspicions arise that there is no such recording as Animal Lover, listening parties continue.

Animal Lover Listening Party

Even though the release date has been pushed back, you can come take a listen to Animal Lover on

Feb. 18th (friday)
in Oakland, at the French Fry Factory (home of the swingin CA DVD premier.)
278 4th St (near Jack London Sq.)

doors open at 6, and FREE admission before 8pm. After 8pm it's a $7 suggested donation, but it's sliding scale and NO ONE will be turned away for lack of funds. Come early for a concurrent art opening (downstairs) of local bay area artists, and record/CD sale. Drinks and preshow Residents and Rez related DJ'd tunes go on until 9pm when we make everyone sit and listen to the new record. After the listening, we'll put on the Commercial Album DVD again, for a little viewing, and then some Icky Flix in celebration of it's reissue. All ages. So far we do not know if we'll have copies of Animal Lover for sale, but it's doubtful. PRESALE for Animal Lover will begin soon, once we get a better idea of what the actual release date will be, so that you don't have to wait to long. HOWEVER, take note that the Ralph America Animal Lover presale will include a deal which will feature a limited Animal Lover teeshirt (newly designed by PorNeauxGrphx), and a new Babyfingers Hoodie! Stay tuned...


From Feb 2, 2005:

Listening party in Tampa Florida

Animal Lover and other material

The party will be held at the Speaker Exchange on Feb 15 from 7:30 until approximately 10:00.
Actually above the Speaker Exchange at a place called “Tone design by Vans Evers”.
There is a buzzer to press to get in.

Speaker Exchange
1250 E. Hillsborough Ave.,
Tampa, FL 33604

People can email Jim Hall at:

Jim will bring some of his Leigh Barbier paintings, including the cover art to “Have a Bad Day”. After listening to Animal Lovers, all will listen to or watch more Residents.

There will also be food and drink.


January 27, 2005: Our buddies at Ralph America say:


Hey friends, if yer in the bay area, and yer not doing anything this
Saturday January the 29th, please stop by the warehouse pad/office where
we can offer you tremendous discounts on a bunch of overstock records,
CDs, leftover shirts, sweatshirts, etc... we even have some computer
parts, scanner, printer, routers, modems, stereo equip - lotsa stuff. And
we're sharing the sale with neighbors "Alternative Tentacles and Little
Type ( who will be offering CHEAPCHEAP overstock on
records, CDs shirts etc - so please stop by 1501 Powell in Emeryville
(under the powell st bridge, on the east side of the tracks.) 10AM to 3PM
only. Cards and Cash!


Hello Ralph Friend:

In case you missed it the first time, Icky Flix, the DVD, is back. Or
almost. We're taking preorders now for Icky Flix which will be shippin
Feb. 15th. Don't miss out again...

And stay tuned for info on the upcoming Ralph Animal Lover Listening Party
(scheduled for Feb. 18th) and our upcoming Animal Lover preorder deals!

Thanks for being a friend to Ralph,


From January 24, 2005

Residents 101 in Austin Texas

Image from

The Residents Clinic
8:00 - 9:30
Sunday February 6th

D is throwing a Residents Clinic, which you can think of as a class. Residents 101. Why? Because a group of people keep asking about the Residents. If anyone in or around Austin, Texas wants to attend, contribute, whatever... email Deanna at

D in A-town


Animal Lover Changes cover for added teen appeal

Image from

Just kidding.

Though a little known fact is that an uncredited Frank Zappa worked with The Animals on Animalism. He wrote arrangements and, maybe, played on some of the songs. Seriously.

Not the info you were hoping for??

Actually, I am digging at Mute right now to try to get the story but they have apparently been been made even MORE MUTE about what is going on. I have been told by an unspecified person there that he would be "tortured and whipped" if he said anything. I can assume that The Residents can get a little more intense than their image might suggest. Certainly I have noted some web sources with hints, but it is so lacking in details that could be planted info. These eyes guys are devious.

BB is on it, though!!


More news from dated January 16, 2005

Animal Lover Update

Image from

Is a surprising turn of events, The Residents have asked Mute to let them make a significant change to their upcoming album, Animal Lover. Mute was reluctant since review copies had already gone out, but found the suggestion "intriguing".

So I am now announcing that Mute has agreed and Animal Lover will be released in early March instead of the anticipated Valentines Day. Since I happen to know what has changed, I can assure you that it is a cause to celebrate.

New from Euro Ralph

Image from

LP Regular (Black Vinyl)
LP Limited (Transparent Vinyl)

LP Regular (Black Vinyl)
LP Limited (Red Vinyl)



The Commercial DVD screening in Bologna Italy

Image from

Picnic Boy as realized by Eric Nordhauser

Friday, January 20.11.00
Capitol Multisala 4
Festival showcase: BitFilm Festival - The Residents Commercial Album
40 filmakers interpretano visivamente l’album della rock- band californiana

For detailed info

Via del Pratello 21/2 40122 Bologna ITALY
Tel: +39 051 2960664 - Fax: +39 051 6567133


The Residents return to Luna Park

Image from
March 2005 Australia


THE RESIDENTS with / CHICKS ON SPEED / PAN SONIC / SUNN 0))) / BLACK DICE / plus many more to be announced…

VENUE ADDRESS:154 Flinders Street (cnr Russell), Melbourne (City) Ph: (03) 9299 9750 Fax: (03) 9299 9660

TICKETS: $77 plus booking fee FROM: The Forum / Missing Link / Synaesthesia / Metropolis / Ticketek / or ONLINE FROM THIS SITE!



THE RESIDENTS with / CHICKS ON SPEED / PAN SONIC / SUNN 0))) / BLACK DICE / plus many more to be added here…

VENUE ADDRESS: 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, Sydney Ph: (02) 9922 6644 Fax: (02) 9929 7580

TICKETS:$77 plus booking fee FROM: Red Eye Records (City) / Egg Records ( Newtown ) / Ticketek / or ONLINE FROM THIS SITE!

DOORS OPEN: 6PM / ALL AGES / LICENCED VENUE: BRING PHOTO ID Note: Last ferry at 11.50PM / Last train at 12.01 / Parking for 400 cars


THE RESIDENTS with / CHICKS ON SPEED / PAN SONIC / SUNN 0))) / BLACK DICE / plus many more to be added here…

VENUE ADDRESS: 119 Lamington Street , New Farm, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3358 8622 Fax: (07) 3358 8611

TICKETS: $77 plus booking fee FROM: The Powerhouse / Skinny's / Rockinghorse / Egg Records / or ONLINE FROM THIS SITE!




Not Available now available

Image from

Euro Ralph has just announced the availability of NOT AVAILABLE on CD.

(I have been told that a vinyl version is also coming soon.)

Ralph America reports 1/9/05:

Howdy Ralph Friend:
Some news...

Doing some new year's cleaning here, we found some stuff, stuff you might
like...stop on by the store to see what long sold out items we unearthed
amongst the cardboard...

We've also created some new button sets for you! 3 different sets, all of
your favorite Residents covers, and more. In shiny 1.25 " mylar and

Thanks, see you at the Ralph store!

PS - stay tuned for the re-release of Icky Flix, and news regarding the
new Residents full length recording!

News from January 3, 2005:

First release of 2005

Colette 6 Compilation

Image from

Bomba in Japan has just released Colette 6, a compilation CD of a bunch of stuff including two Residents tracks, Red Rider and The Nameless Souls - both from The Commercial Album.

Colette was talking to Mute as well for release in the remaining world, but I have not heard anything from Mute about the release as of yet.


WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour
January 3 & 8

Image from

Tunes about weird women.

Also: The ambitious but short-lived (or moving slowly - editor) AMERICAN COMPOSERS SERIES (which featured single LP sides dedicated to Residential takes on this country's most important composers) begins with GEORGE AND JAMES (Gershwin & Brown, that is).

Also: The overture to the shelved GOD IN 3 PERSONS opera project.


The Annual Hindsight Report

Image from

At this time last year all of you were still dancing to the Brumalia hits that appeared everyday and continued through the sixth of January. Certainly a good way to get a running start on a year that, perhaps, produced more releases than any previous year in the group's 32 year history. Although no new Residents album came out, I count five CD releases and two DVD's. And of the CD's all but one, The Commercial Album, was either unreleased or remixed music. Wow.

The biggest surprise had to be WB:RMX which appeared without warning last January. And that even spun off the 12" remix of the remix of Baby Skeletons and Dogs (and Bijou). And then came RMX # 2, the remix of The King and Eye by Paralyzer. Somewhere in there, the long delayed Disfigured Night DVD finally made an appearance.

The Residents signed with Mute Records who agreed to release the Commercial Album CD with a special 25th Anniversary package and an imaginative DVD to go with it, The Commercial DVD.

But all did not go smoothly for DVD's. Long time friend and collaborator, Jim Ludtke died in March while working on the planned Freak Show DVD.

The fall of 2004 was primarily focused on the release of the Commercial Album CD and DVD, though another nicely packaged CD also slipped out, I Murdered Mommy.

And in December it became obvious that The Residents had been in the studio for much of 2004 recoding an ambitious new album, Animal Lover. As Brumalia rolled around again, your own BB obtained permission from Mute and The Cryptic Corp to show off some graphics and some musical bits.

And that got us to here.


The easy ones: Animal Lover will be released in February. The Residents will play a few festivals in Australia in March. Mute will release a few more back catalog titles during the year.

The hard questions have no answers. The Residents are very closed mouth about what they plan to do after Australia. They have turned down a European tour for spring. That certain means that they have other plans, but what??? When asked, they just smile mischievously.


News from December 24, 2004:

Repeat screening at MoMA NY

Image from

The Coming of the Crow by The Residents

December 27 at 5:00

The Museum of Modern Art
Roy and Niuta Titus Theaters
30 West 54th Street
New York, NY 1001

10 New Videos by The Residents from The Commercial Album DVD

Cost: $10


The Department of Film and Media returns to its newly upgraded and refurbished Roy and Niuta Titus Theaters with Premieres,an unprecedented ten-week series that celebrates the extraordinary diversity of contemporary film and media by artists worldwide.

Several eclectic programs present new experimental work by Cory Arcangel,Tacita Dean,Tracey Emin,Valérie Jouve,George Kuchar,Mark Leckey,Mary Lucier,Tracey Moffatt, The Residents, and Guy Richards Smit


.COMM DVD screening in Leuven, Belgium

Image from

My Work is So Behind by Gunter Segers and Heidi D'Hamers

The Commercial DVD will be screened at
Cinema ZED
Kunstencentrum Stuk
Naamsestraat 96, 3000
Leuven, Belgium.

Thursdays January 13th (20h) & January 17th (22u30h)

More info on


What is Music?

Image from

Australian publicity starts.

International Film Festival Rotterdam to screen DVD selection

Image from

Love Leaks Out by The Residents

The International Film Festival Rotterdam will screen ten video's by The Residents from The Commercial DVD at their 34th festival which takes place January 26 to February 6 of 2005.

I don't have much info on this but I do have a web site for those interested in attending.


The Cryptic Corporation: presents for the future

Image from

Holiday greeting to the BOGGLERS

For your amusement, Cryptic is happy to present a sneak peek at The Residents new album, ANIMAL LOVER.

This BOG event will begin on Brumalia/Christmas Day, December 25 and continue through New Years Day. Something new every day, a musical Advent calendar if you prefer. Eight Days of sound and visual snippets from this major addition to The Residents catalog.

Animal Lover is to be released on Valentines Day, February 14th. An unusual romantic gesture.

Happy 2005,
The Cryptic Corporation

PS: Special thanks from our friends at Mute Records for giving us permission to play some bits for you.


KRVS December 18 and 20, 27 and 1

Image from

WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour December 18 & 20

A HO-HO HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Tinsels, Tidings, Treasures and Chuggin' Eggnog with The Residents!!!



WHOOPY SNORP: The Residents Hour December 27 & January 1

Whoopy Snorp will rebroadcast ESKIMO. This special radio edition traces the history behind the landmark release. Narration provided by Valerie Green (host of HARPESTRY, heard Thursday afternoons on KRVS)


WHOOPY SNORP is not only heard over the FM-radio band locally but also
on local Cox TV Cable Channel 19 and over the Campus Cable system, as well.

Have a great Holiday and a Happier New Year!!!!!


Image from

A bit of Residents music helps set the mood for this unusual film.

Director Jean Michel Roux, who contributed to The Commercial DVD, has assembled an intriguing film that even includes a bit of Eskimo. Check out the film this month on the Sundance Channel if you receive it.

directed by Jean Michel Roux

Monday 12.27.2004
9:00 PM EST

Thursday 12.30.2004
10:00 AM EST

Thursday 12.30.2004
7:30 PM EST

85 MINS, Color

Appeared at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival
Situated on volcanic rock in the isolated North Atlantic, Iceland is known for dramatic scenery and "hidden beings" - elves, monsters, ghosts and other fairy folk. Without a note of condescension, French director Jean Michel Roux relates tales of spooky, supernatural doings in a country where clairvoyants and mediums regularly report communing with spectral entities. Captivating and visually breathtaking, Roux's documentary presents a portrait of the Icelandic soul, as well as a metaphysical meditation on the frontiers of existence. TVPG (AC, BN) Stereo/Letterbox/Subtitles


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