Music Samples From The Residents!

Ever try to explain to someone who The Residents are and how they sound?  Wait no longer!  You and your friends can now listen to 15 second sample MP3s from The Residents!  We obtained permission from The Residents to post short MP3s of their music.  Listen to the samples, and then go out and buy a CD from the Residents! - Patrick 

image from Jf. Jeter III -

Animal Lover

I Murdered Mommy

The 12 Days of Brumalia

A personal note: This is one of my favorite CDs.  If you don't own this, get it while you can!

The King & Eye: RMX



Kettles Of Fish - Disc 2

Kettles Of Fish - Disc 3

Kettles Of Fish - Disc 4

The Residents Commercial Album

Freak Show

Gingerbread Man

Icky Flix

The Residents Blowoff

Santa Dog

Buckaroo Blues

Uncle Willie's Eyeball Buddies

The Snakey Wake Lament

Track 001: Snakey Wake Lament Play a 15 second sample now!

Title In Limbo - The Residents & Renaldo And The Loaf


The Residents Present Our Finest Flowers

Holy Kiss Of Flesh (Remix)


Residue Deux

Have A Bad Day

Mark Of The Mole

God In 3 Persons



Not Available

The Residents' Petting Zoo

13th Anniversary Show - Live in Tokyo

Roadworms - The Berlin Sessions

Demons Dance Alone (DDA)

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