DVD Secrets of Icky Flix

Easter Eggs

Ever since the release of the Residents' first DVD, Icky Flix, countless websites have posted information on how to find the disc's 9 Easter Eggs. But just for the sake of completion for an "Icky Flix DVD Secrets" page, I've included the details here too. Here's how to find them:

As you navigate through the menus of the DVD, you might notice that some of these show a little Residents head (top hat and eyeball) in one of the four corners of the screen. If you come to a menu screen that has one of these, you can play around with your remote's up-down-left-right buttons until the eyeball gets highlighted. Once the eye ball is highlighted, press ENTER to watch a special video clip. Here's a list of which menu to find these eyeball icons, and the Easter Egg clip that plays when the eyeball is selected:

From the main menu, go to the...

Then highlight the eyeball in the corner and press ENTER to watch...

"More Info" menu 1999 webcast clip of "Firefall" from the Wormwood Tour, live at the House of Blues
"More Info" menu, then to the "Credits" menu Night Music with Conway Twitty, NBC, 1990
"Credits", then go to the right 13 times to where "The Gingerbread Man" is mentioned A clip from Pee Wee's Playhouse
"More Info", then to "Discography", and go to the right three times to "Have a Bad Day" Offbeat night, Tele 5 Munich, 1988
"More Info", then to "Technical Info", and go right five times to "Navigational Efficiencies" menu Short clip from "Slow Bob" (1991), which Mtv showed in segments on Liquid Television, and as commercials with the Mtv logo inserted in different places. You can find the full version on the commercial compilation "I Want My Mtv" (VHS).
"Flix Cube", then to the "Third Reich Rock and Roll" menu, and then to the "More Info" page 1990 clip from the Cube-E tour, Chelsea Studio New York
"Flix Cube", then to the "Kick A Picnic" menu, and then to the "More Info" page 1986 clip from The 13th Anniversary Show. Olso, Norway.
"Flix Cube", then to the "Man's World" menu, and then to the "More Info" page "Uncle Sam Mole Show", New Music America, 1983
"Flix Cube", then to the "Vileness Fats" menu, and then to the "More Info" pages "Love Leaks Out" choreographed by Bejart. Paris 1982.

Short Animated Clips

When you select "Play All" from the main video menu, the disc plays a short animated clip in between each video. These clips appear to have been created by Jim Ludtke, and they're an odd assortment of humorous, gross, and just plain bizarre images. I've counted 23 different clips in total [Update: there's at least one more -Bill], and they're always selected at random. See the "DVD Contents" section at the bottom of this page for short descriptions of each clip.

In the middle of each show of the Icky Flix tour, the band took a break while the word "INTERMISSION" showed on the giant screen behind them, followed by all of these clips played in succession. This made a lot of fans wonder if there was a secret way to "unlock" all of these clips on a store-bought copy of the DVD. Was there a way to watch all the animated clips together, or did the Residents have their own special copy of Icky Flix to do this live? I spent a damn long time trying to find out! And I'm sure other fans have too. We were stumped.

Then finally, in January 2005, I got to ask somebody from the Cryptic Corporation (The Resident's management/PR team) about this, and he said "There is no way of seeing [the clips] out of context. Sorry. The idea is that they are like spice added to food...not to be consumed alone."

So don't give yourself carpel tunnel trying to figure it out, folks! There's no way to view the animated clips all together, short of editing and burning your own disc. The next best thing you can do is select "Play All" then use your track skipping buttons (<<|, |>>) to skip to another animated clip before each music video starts to play. Notice from the list that the last two ("snake heads", "baby with popping eye ball") tend to show up the rarest as they only appear in one chapter instead of two.

An addendum from a fan (Gorank) sent to me a while ago that I have finally posted on 10/2008:


As a big fan of the Residents I occasionally have a look in your site, gianteyeballs.com. I noticed that Mr Billy M states that “There's no way to view the animated clips all together” in shiny green letters.  

Well, I’m pleased to tell you that there is!

Put the DVD in the DVD reader on your computer and open it in Windows Explorer. Now open the folder VIDEO_TS and look for a file called VTS_02_1.VOB. Its 68 478 KB in size, and when you double-click on it, it will open in your default mpg-player. You will notice that in this file all the animations are stored, thus making it possible for you to see them together.

So… a merry x-mas and peace.  


DVD Contents

User Operation Control (UOC) allows the creators of a DVD to put a lock on using certain buttons on certain sections. For example, many movies these days force you to sit through the FBI warning at the beginning, and if you try to hit your "next track" button (>>}) you'll find that it doesn't do anything. One of the problems with Icky Flix disc is that it's loaded with blocks like these! This makes it really hard to get to parts of the DVD without using a menu, and thus determine its contents.

UPDATE!! - Andeerz K discovered that the Euroralph version of the disc has its content order completely different from the US release. What follows first is the US / Ralph America version:

Title:Chapter Contents
1:1 [presumably redirects things to the opening menu]
1:2-17 The videos "Third Reich Rock N' Roll" through "Bad Day On The Midway", in the same order that they appear on the back of the case
1:18-22 The first five segments of the "Vileness Fats" video
1:23 ???
1:24-25 The last two segments of the "Vileness Fats" video
1:26 [presumably a "stop" to bring you back to the video menu]
2:1-4 ???
2:5-93 (odd) The odd number chapters in title #2 contain the short animated clips mentioned earlier. All but two of these videos are duplicated within the list. Here are the title:chapter numbers that show up for each animation, with a short description of the animation:
  • 2:5, 2:53 - dogs under baby
  • 2:7, 2:55 - "Blood Bait"
  • 2:9, 2:57 - "Booger Burger"
  • 2:11, 2:59 - knife & fork over brain
  • 2:13, 2:61 - "Brain Rain"
  • 2:15, 2:63 - "Dog Turd Sushi"
  • 2:17, 2:65 - "Eat Guts"
  • 2:19, 2:67 - "Eye Sees Feces"
  • 2:21, 2:69 - Cat heads, 2 frogs
  • 2:23, 2:71 - "Frog Fuck"
  • 2:25, 2:73 - switching face / praying pose
  • 2:27, 2:75 - Two sliding blue eye guys
  • 2:29, 2:77 - Mr. Skull playing sax
  • 2:31, 2:79 - "Lard Scabs"
  • 2:33, 2:81 - Multiple Mr. Skulls shaking their fists
  • 2:35, 2:83 - "Pee for Two"
  • 2:37, 2:85 - "Rat Pie"
  • 2:39, 2:87 - Face with suspended teeth
  • 2:41, 2:89 - "Sperm Snot"
  • 2:43, 2:91 - "Spit Fat Toes"
  • 2:45, 2:93 - Two chattering mouths, John Wayne
  • 2:47 - snake heads
  • 2:49 - baby with popping eye ball
Based on this, it's possible that 2:1 and 2:3 are additional animated clips, and that I haven't found them because they're programmed to show up very, very rarely. But that's just a guess.
2:6-94 (even) [presumably a "stop/redirect" after each animated short clip plays]
3:1 Eyeball forming (disc intro)
3:2 [presumably a "stop" to set up the main menu]

DVD Contents - EuroRalph version

Andeerz K discovered the contents of the EuroRalph version of Icky Flix. Not only is the order very different, but the menus are actually stored as clips. I don't know if this is the way non-region 1 DVDs are naturally set up, or if this is a special case.

Title:Chapter Contents
1:1 [presumably redirects things to the opening menu]
1:6-9 Constantinople [These four chapters are, in order: the video, the main menu for the video, info page 1, and info page 2. The rest of the videos (except for Vileness Fats) are similarly grouped in the same way, in sets of four chapters.]
1:10-13 One Minuite movies
1:14-17 Kick A Picnic
1:18-21 Songs For Swinging Larvae
1:22-25 He Also Serves
1:26-29 This Is A Man's World
1:30-33 Harry The Head
1:34-37 Gingerbread man (Concentrate)
1:38-41 Jelly Jack
1:42-45 Just For You
1:46-49 Stars & Stripes
1:50-53 Where Is She
1:54-57 Burn Baby Burn
1:58-61 Hello Skinny
1:62-65 Bad Day On The Midway Concentrate
1:66-68 Vileness Fats [Main Menu, info page 1, info page 2]
1:69-71 Vileness Fats Scene 1 [video, menu, info]
1:72-74 Vileness Fats Scene 2 [video, menu, info]
1:75-77 Vileness Fats Scene 3 [video, menu, info]
1:78-80 Vileness Fats Scene 4 [video, menu, info]
1:81-83 Vileness Fats Scene 5 [video, menu, info]
1:84-86 Vileness Fats Scene 6 [video, menu, info]
1:87-90 Vileness Fats Scene 7 [video, menu, info 1, info 2]
1:91 (Nothing)
1:92 Secret Cinema - Love Leaks Out
1:93 Secret Cinema - 13th Anniversary show, Oslo
1:94 Secret Cinema - Cube E
1:95 Secret Cinema - Uncle Sam Mole Show
1:96 (Nothing)
2:1-24 These are the short animated clips, with 1-23 being in the same exact order listed for the Ralph America version. The aminated clip at 2:24 is "Worm Pilaf"
3:1-4 Discography pages
3:5 Secret Cinema - Offbeat Night, Tele 5, Munich
4:1-14 Credits pages
4:15 Secret Cinema - Night Music W. Conway Twitty
4:16 Secret Cinema - Pee Wee's Playhouse
5:1-6 Technical Info pages
5:7 Secret Cinema - Slow Bob
6:1 Secret Cinema - WormWood, House Of Blues

    Written and contributed to GiantEyeBalls.com by Bill M. and (for EuroRalph information) Andeerz K. Last updated Feb 7, 2005.