The limited edition release of The Way We Were includes both a CD and DVD. The DVD has one Easter Egg. It's a clip of The Residents walking around backstage.

Here's how to access the Easter Egg. From the main menu, select Live Footage From "The Way We Were" and press ENTER. On the next menu, "Play All" will be highlighted by default. Now simply press your DVD remote's LEFT button (or UP button; there are actually several ways of accessing the Easter Egg from this page).

For those interested, here's the entire DVD contents broken up by DVD title and chapter:

Content Title:Chapter
1:1 "Cryptic" logo
2:1 Opening credits
3:1-5 The five live tracks:
  • 3:1 - Picnic in the Jungle
  • 3:2 - The Sleeper (also includes "Perfect Goat")
  • 3:3 - Eva's Warning
  • 3:4 - Jelly Jack / Deadwood
  • 3:5 - Ship of Fools
4:1 Easter Egg (see directions above)
5:1 "Lots of Knots" music video
6:1 "Lots of Knots" title screen

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