Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town

On the Demons Dance Alone tour, a limited-edition DVD was available for purchase at most of the venues. This was called Live...On The Outskirts of Town. Eventually, the DVD was rereleased as part of the live box set Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town. This rereleased version has two more Easter Eggs than the first version (marked in the easter eggs lists with "**"), but other than that is nearly identical in content. See The Moles web site for a virtual tour of the disc's contents.

The Menus

Before jumping right into the Easter Eggs, it's important to understand the various menus of the DVD and how they work. The main, "Tours", "Deviations" and "Can of Worms" menus also change their look as you go back and forth between them, which keeps things a little more interesting than normal.

  • TOURS - lets you access each of the individual tour menus from a theatre marquee
  • DEVIATIONS - lets you access the Freak Show-related performances
  • INFO - Every tour page has an "INFO" selection which takes you to a few pages with information about the tour. Several of these pages have Easter Eggs hidden in them, either by highlighting the eyeball shown at the bottom of the particular page, or by highlighting a special word in the text.
  • IN THROUGH THE OUT HOLE - This takes you to another menu whose only options seem to be "No Info" and "Main". However, there's more than meets the eye! More on this later.
  • CAN OF WORMS - this takes you to a few other menus, namely "More Info" which has a short essay on The Residents, "Web Connections" which has a list of web site URLs, and credits for the DVD.

Easter Eggs - Part 1

The KOF DVD offers quite a few Easter Eggs. These are much better hidden than the 9 known Easter Eggs on the "Icky Flix" DVD. Here is a table listing each Easter Egg and how to access it.

"Satisfaction" (rehearsal at Mole Show) From the Cube E "info" page #1, use the LEFT/RIGHT buttons until the Eyeball at the bottom of the page is highlighted. Then press ENTER.
Snakefinger (interview clip) From the 13th Anniversary "Info" Page #1, press UP. This highlights the word "Snakefinger" in the paragraph above. Press ENTER.
The Baby King (live) From the Cube E info page #2, hit UP to highlight the word "impersonator" in the paragraph above. Press ENTER.
Icky Flix encore Go to the Icky Flix section and "play all". After the video for "Benny", you'll see a track before the next song, where The Residents take Polaroid photos of the audience. You can also get to this clip by directly playing "Benny", then while it's playing, hit the NEXT TRACK (>>|) button on your remote.
Moscow Sept 10, 2001 From the Icky Flix into page #2, click LEFT or RIGHT until the eyeball is highlighted. Press ENTER.
A look into the Ralph Archive vaults** From the main menu, select "In through the Out Hole". You'll be taken to a page with a big spiral in the center. Click UP and it will be highlighted. Then press ENTER.
Additional Easter Eggs [see below]

Easter Eggs - Part 2

There are five other Easter Eggs on the disc which require special access. The first of these is a special photo gallery. On the first print of the DVD, this was accessed by going to the "In Through The Out Hole" menu, and then highlighting and selecting (i.e. press ENTER) the spiral in the middle. However, if you do this on the second version of the DVD (which came with the box set) you'll get the "Ralph Vaults" Easter Egg. As far as I can tell on the new disc, both this Easter Egg and the following four are accessed in the following way:

  1. Go to the "In Through The Out Hole" menu
  2. Highlight and select "No Info". You're taken to a screen that says "No Means No!" and are then taken back to the previous menu.
  3. Repeat step #2. You get a screen showing "No" in many different languages, and are once again taken back to the previous menu.
  4. When you do this a third time, sometimes you get a message saying "Some people won't take NO for an answer!" But other times you're taken to one of the following Easter Eggs:
    • A short clip of "Aircraft Damage" from The Resdients' one time live show of 1976, "Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy! Can't You See That It's True; What the Beatles Did to Me, 'I Love Lucy' Did to You." This is what you'll get the far majority of the time you follow this procedure.
    • A clip from "The Boarding House" performace of 1971, the first show EVER from The Residents!
    • Another clip of "Aircraft Damage" from what appears to be the same "Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy!" show, but with Arf & Omega (the siamese twin wrestlers from Vileness Fats) doing the incantation!
    • The photo gallery
    • Theme from 2001 clip from the Cube-E tour**

I'm actually not 100% sure that this process will take you to anything other than those first two mentioned clips. I seem to remember getting to these by other means. In any case, it's OK. Because I found a cheat!

Easter Eggs - Cheat

Here's a sneaky way that you can access any of the disc's Easter Eggs.

First start ANY live clip. It doesn't matter what tour it's from or what song it is, so long as one is playing. While that song is playing, use your remote's numeric keypad to enter one of the following numbers (one digit at a time, of course) and then press ENTER. You'll be taken directly to the Easter Egg listed next to the respective number. Remember that in addition to all of these, there is the "Ralph Vault"** clip:

  • 14 - "Oh Mummy..." clip #1
  • 21 - "Satisfaction"
  • 22 - Snakefinger interview
  • 23 - Baby King
  • 24 - Boarding House
  • 25 - Icky Flix encore
  • 27 - Moscow, Sept 10, 2001
  • 28 - photo gallery
  • 30 - "Oh Mummy..." clip #2
  • 31 - Theme from 2001**

DVD Contents

For those wanting to see the title:chapter break down of the entire disc, here it is.

Title:Chapter Contents
1:1 Cryptic logo
1:2 Title logo
1:3 One Minute Movies
1:4 Man's World (13th Anniv)
1:5 Dinah and the Unclean Skin
1:6 Fire Fall
1:7 Cry for the Fire
1:8 From the Plains to Mexico
1:9 Ty's Freakshow
1:10 The Secret Seed
1:11 Burn Baby Burn
1:12 Constantinople
1:13 Bury Me Not
1:14 Oh Mommy... #1
1:15 Freak Show Live/Herman
1:16 How To Get Ahead
1:17 Bridegroom of Blood
1:18 Benny (Icky Flix)
1:19 The Observer
1:20 Freak Show Live/Intro
1:21 Satisfaction
1:22 Snakefigner interview
1:23 Baby King clip
1:24 Boarding House show
1:25 Icky Flix Encore
1:26 Man's World
1:27 Moscow Sept 10, 2001
1:28 [redirects you to 2:1]
1:29 "Some People Don't Take No For An Answer!"
1:30 Oh Mommy... #2
1:31 Theme from 2001**
2:1-39 photo gallery - I noticed that this has two less chapters than Title #2 of the original disc. Are there two photos missing?
3:1-4 Ralph Vaults**

    Written and contributed to by Bill M..