The DVD release of Disfigured Night has one known Easter Egg. It's a video for an instrumental song. As the video plays, the words "Residents Survive...Welcome to the 4th 10 years" flash on the screen.

To access the Easter Egg:

For interested "cheaters" like me, here's the entire DVD contents broken up by DVD title and chapter:

Content Title:Chapter
1:1 "Cryptic" logo
2:1 Can't seem to access this; may very well be empty
3:1 Same as above
4:1-8 Main program, 2003 version
5:1 Title introduction (clouds, etc.)
6:1 Credits
7:1-8 Main program, original broadcast
8:1 "Extras" (Steve Cerio artwork)
9:1 Music video (Easter Egg)

    Written and contributed to GiantEyeBalls.com by Bill M..