Demons Dance Alone, Director's Cut DVD

Live footage from the Demons Dance Alone U.S. tour was assembled into the Demons Dance Alone DVD. There were two different versions of this disc: an initial limited edition "directors cut", and a regular version. Additionally, there was a short promotional version, and a DVD single for "Golden Goat". Of the four discs, this page only concerns what's on the DIRECTOR'S CUT version. I don't know that much about the other discs -- I don't own them!

Easter Eggs

There are two Easter Eggs on this disc.

EASTER EGG #1 -- From the main menu, go to the "Extras" menu. At the Extras menu, use your UP/DOWN buttons to highlight the "Demon's [sic] Dance Alone Promotional Video". Don't press ENTER! Instead, press your LEFT button. This will immediately take you to a bizarre promotional piece for The Residents in French.

EASTER EGG #2 -- Start off just like before: from the main menu, go to the "Extras" menu and once there, highlight the "Demon's [sic] Dance Alone Promotional Video". This time, press RIGHT. You'll get a non-album music video called "The Impossible Dream".

DVD Contents

For those wanting to see the title:chapter break down of the entire disc, here it is. I could navigate to all of the tracks without any playing restrictions, but the tracks marked as "**" are the ones that seemed to be completely blank.

1:1 Cryptic Logo
2:1 video promo for DDA
3:1 Main menu animation 1
4:1 Main menu animation 2
4:2 Disc intro credits, "Bob" quote
4:3 Betty's Body
4:4 Mickey Macaroni
4:5 Wolverines
4:6 **
5:1 **
5:2 demon on stage (1)
5:3 "Loss"
5:4 Caring
5:5 My Brother Paul
5:6 The Car Thief
5:7 **
6:1 demon on stage (2)
6:2 "Denial"
6:3 Baha [Baja]
6:4 From the Plains to Mexico
6:5 Golden Goat
6:6 Shoe Salesman
6:7 Honey Bear
6:8 **
7:1 demon on stage (3)
7:2 "Acceptance"
7:3 Neediness
7:4 **
8:1 Demons Dance Alone (part 1)
8:2 Demons Dance Alone (jam)
8:3 **
9:1 Vampire
10:1 Weatherman
11:1 Thundering Skies
12:1 Ghost Child
13:1 Beek
14:1 clip for audio options menu
15:1 clip for song menu
16:1 clip for audio mix menu
17:1 Intro credits (main program)
18:1 ending credits (1)
19:1 ending credits (2)
20:1 **
21:1 **
22:1 **
23:1 **
24:1 **
25:1 **
26:1 EASTER EGG #1
27:1 EASTER EGG #2

    Written and contributed to by Bill M..