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Photos from Peacefrog - NYC bunny show Oct 2008


Review of the Bunny Boy Show by Bill M - spoiler - posted 10/15/08:

I went to New York this past weekend to see the Friday (Oct 10, 2008) and Saturday (Oct 11) shows.  Here's a review.

On Friday night, we got to the venue at 7:30.  It was still 1/2 hour before the doors were to open, and there was a line all the way around the corner.  I was a bit worried about seeing this, since it was general admission and thus the "first come, first serve" could have left me stuck with a bad spot.  But my view in the venue was great!  There were rows of folding chairs strapped together on the floor, along with an ascending section behind it like a movie theatre.  Instead of going for a floor seat, I just sat right down near the front of the back "hill" section, which gave me a clear view that couldn't have been more than 30 feet from the stage.

A lot of fans might not realize that when The Residents go on tour, they typically don't do a "greatest hits" sort of set list at their shows.  Of course there have been some exceptions to this (the 13th Anniversary tour, the Icky Flix tour, the 2005 Australia shows) but for the most part they tour under a specific theme.  This usually involves playing all or almost all of the tracks from a new release, plus a few other older songs.  This fact was obviously lost on the asshole shouting "Santa Dog" and "Hello Skinny" on the encore of the Oct 11th New York show.  Similarly, this is more like watching a piece of theatre than a rock concert, so it's simply not the place for screaming during songs.

The stage consisted of two half-shell domes, one on either side of the stage. The instruments were set up inside the dome on the left, while the opening of the right-hand dome was turned away.  But a light behind the second dome cast a shadow of a bench with a stuffed bunny on it.  In between was a white-screened door, above which was a square white-screened movie screen of sorts like the one used on the Icky Flix tour.  I got in line for the merchandise stand where I bought the tour-only "Patmos" CD, along with a Residents dog tag.

The house lights went off, and the intro music started.  Strange swirling patterns appeared on the screen as the music got faster and faster.  One by one, you could see the silhouette of each member against the white door, as they walked up to it from behind.  The first 2 or 3 of them stopped to make some kind of gesture.  The crowd cheered.  They walked to their right to take the instruments.  The band members wore opaque black stockings over their head with black face paint, along with attached bunny ears and glowing white lights near the eyes.  The screen then showed episode 1 of the Bunny Boy series.  Harvey's brother, played by the singing Resident, continued the dialogue and slowly stepped out on stage.  He was hunched over, holding a blanket over his head like a cloak.  The blanket had the BB logo on the back.

Not surprisingly, the main set list consisted of all of the songs from "Bunny Boy".  Like the Demons Dance Alone tour, the tracks weren't done in the same order as the CD, however they were done in a way such that the story was MUCH more continuous.  In between songs they showed various video clips from the BB internet series. There was also additional dialogue in between from Harvey's brother, as he explained to the audience what was going on and what he was trying to do in order to find Harvey.

There was intermission.  During the intermission they played a lot of tracks that sounded like they were from the RMX album, or at least in that same style.  I didn't realize until I got home that the back side of the dog tag I bought had a URL and password, which let me download the intermission music.

For Act II, Harvey's brother was dressed in a giant bunny suit.  They continued on with the story, showing a number of clips from the BB series that haven't been put on the web yet.  Though I'm not going to give anything away!

They came back for an encore of "My Window", a track from the 2005 album "Animal Lover".  I was quite happy to hear it, since it's one of my favorite Residents tracks from recent years.  Though I still have to wonder why they decided to chose that song, out of their entire catalog.  I wondered if it was specifically chosen for NYC, since the song is about a pigeon.  Though if they played it at other cities, the answer is obviously "no"!  As the band took a second and final bow, a recording of "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" played.

Saturday night was pretty much the same show, though I tried paying closer attention to the video details this time.  I sat in pretty much the same place, though on the right side where I could get a full view of the band.

I took some photos, which should be viewable soon on GiantEyeBalls.com.  It was difficult getting some clear shots since no flash was allowed, but I still managed to get some decent ones. 

So, that makes my third and fourth Residents shows so far.  Up until last week, I had only seen the Residents in Boston on the Icky Flix tour, and in California for the opening of the Demons Dance Alone tour.  I'm glad to have caught another chapter of Residents history with "The Bunny Boy".

Bill M.

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